Welcome to my Apparel Blog.

Hi everyone.  My name is Omar, and this is my new Apparel Blog, Infant Baby Newborn.

As you can tell by the name I’m very much into my baby and infant fashion.  I have a 2 year old little girl named Lily, and a newborn baby boy named Ralph.  I’ve always love dressing up my kids.  When I was pregnant with Lily I can remember buying triple the amount of clothing recommended to me.  Embarrassingly she grew out of most of it before she had a chance to wear any of it! I can’t say I learnt though.  Ralph has a closet bigger than my hubby, and Lily is a mini fashionista with a distinct eye and taste for what she wants.

I also will be blogging about clothes and fashion for adults as well, I love fashion myself and whilst pregnant had enough pregnancy clothes that I never wore the same outfit twice.  Whoops.

However before you think badly of me it’s mainly because I love a good bargain.  I regularly scout out amazing deals and bargains and love shopping online purely for this purpose.  

I hope you like my blog, and if you have any ideas on some posts you’d like to see then let me know!