Ralph Lauren

Hi guys.  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a great New Year.

Welcome back to my apparel blog!  For Christmas my hubby bought me a beautiful vintage Ralph Lauren Blackwatch Plaid Saddle Bag which he said he bought online here: http://www.cheap.forsale/ralph-lauren.   It’s absolutely beautiful.  

Ralph Lauren Saddlebag

Today I wanted to do a look back at one of my favourite Fashion designers, Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren was one the the first designers I became interested in.  It started when my mum bought me my first formal dress and it was from the Ralph Lauren range, and ever since then I became the lover of fashion that you see before yourself today.   


Ralph Lauren: the Early Years

Born on the 14th of October 1939, in Bronx, New York, Ralph Lauren began his life as Ralph Lifshitz.  His parents were Jewish Immigrants who fled Belarus and travelled to NY, and he grew up the third of four siblings.  

After being teased for his last name at school, Ralph and his brother Jerry changed their surname from Lifshitz to Lauren.  When younger he was known for his sense of fashion and found inspiration from the silver screen through movie greats such as Fred Astaire ad Cary Grant.  He also had a penchant for preppy wear and classical vintage looks and would mix the two together.  After school he went on to further his education at Baruch College where he studied Business for two years in Manhattan.  He then joined the army for a brief stint, and upon his return he returned back to NY and took a sales job at Brooks Brothers the clothes store.  


Ralph Lauren: the Middle Years

In 1967, Ralph Lauren was working for Beau Brummell, a men’s tie shop, where he started working on his own clothes range.  He names the range Polo and designed men’s neckties with a wider cut and persuaded the manager of Beau Brummell to start letting him sell his own line.  The next year he went on to Bloomingdale’s and managed to persuade them to sell the Ralph Lauren line as an exclusivity.  This was the first time that Bloomingdale’s had given any designer their own in store boutique.  He received a $30,000 loan and was able to further his designs to become a full menswear line. A couple of years later in 1970, Ralph Lauren, he received the Coty Award for his designs.  Following his award he went on to release his first foray into women’s wear with a line of tailored women’s suits styled like the classical men’s style.  


Ralph Lauren


In 1972, Ralph Lauren went on to release a short sleeve cotton polo shirt in many colours.  This polo top which was embellished with the company’s famous logo on the chest, the polo player created by Rene Lacoste, the tennis pro player, and has since become the brands iconic look.  The polo had it’s own  ad campaign and the tagline for it was ‘Every team has its own color – Polo has seventeen’.  I’d highly recommend these tops during the early pregnancy or after giving birth. So comfortable. 

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The Great Gatsby was filmed in 1974, and Ralph Lauren outfitted the entire male cast of the film in costumes and outfits from his Polo line, which had a 1920’s influenced range of suits and sweaters for men.  The one exception to this was the pink suit worn by Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby.  This was designed by Ralph Lauren especially for the film.  In the 1977 film Annie Hall, Diane Keaton and Woody Allen also wore designs by Ralph Lauren.



In March 1978, Ralph Lauren launched his first fragrances in Bloomingdales.  They were co-produced with Warner Lauren Ltd, and came in two different fragrances.  Lauren for Women was launched on March the 12th, and Polo for Men was launched 2 weeks later on March 26th.  Ralph Lauren was the first designer to launch two fragrances, for men and women, simultaneously.  This helped the company go from an American market to a more global market and they moved into the European marketplace with the first European store opening on New Bond Street in London in 1981.

Ralph Lauren

His Style.

Ralph Lauren is well known for his classical american upper class style, which he juxtaposes with British gentry. Whilst not particularly fashion forward or innovative, his style and designs are well loved by many customers for his approachable and relatable looks.  They combine the casual comfort many prefer with a hint of elegance and upper class regency.  

Ralph Lauren has also gone into the child and baby ranges, and has some awesome clothes for baby girls and boys.
I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about Ralph Lauren, especially if he’s not someone you’ve previously looked into before.  His beginning and rise to fame is rather interesting and shows a lot of hard work and good fortune.  

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