Dressing a baby girl.

Hi everyone.  Thanks for visiting my Apparel Babywear blog.  

I’m Omar, and I’m the proud mum of 2 little ones.  I have my eldest daughter Lily, who is 2 years old and a little fashionista.  She regularly will tell me what she wants to wear, and refuse the cte clothes I give her! And my baby, Ralph who is 6 weeks old.  

One of my favorite things to do is dress up and style my babies.  I’m always being asked about where I get clothes, and how I come up with my styling ideas and I wanted to share with you today some ideas.  

  1. Comfortable clothes don’t have to be ugly.

    One of the biggest misconceptions that people make is thinking that comfortable clothes for babies automatically means pajamas.  Leggings and sweatshirts or jumper dresses are equally comfortable for baby and can look like you’ve made a real effort.  

  2. Find clothes that fit.

    Not all babies are the same body type, and if you have a baby who doesn’t fit into clothes don’t despair.  We had trouble with Lily as she had pretty long legs when she was little.  Instead of trying to fit her into trousers, we instead found leggings and skirts for her to wear so that she was more comfortable.

    Baby clothes

  3. Mix and match patterns.

    It’s great to have fun whilst dressing up baby.  And patterns can be mixed and matched to create some really fun looks.  It’s a good idea to stick to a certain colourway or within a colour family as you can easily go overboard.

  4. DIY

    You can make some great items for your baby really easily.  Headbands and accessories can be made so easily by cutting up old tops and tshirts.

I hope this has given you some baby styling ideas.