Clothes to wear before, during and after pregnancy.

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One of the most frustrating aspects of pregnancy can be the changes your body goes through and having nothing to fit you.  Not only are you then having to go out shopping and buy new clothes for baby, you’re also having to head out shopping and find clothes for yourself – but only for the next <9 months.  If you’re like most of us it can be rather frustrating having to spend money on clothes you’ll only be able to wear a few times.  

So today I wanted to share with you clothes that you can wear throughout pregnancy and still want to wear after.

Clothes to wear throughout your pregnancy.


  • So easy and comfortable to throw on that everyone should already have many pairs already.  

Tank Tops

  • Teams great with leggings for ultimate pregnancy comfort.


  • Incredibly flattering and comfortable and most importantly loose fitting.  Post pregnancy they can also provide cover whilst breastfeeding.

Maxi Dress

  • Choose one in a stretchy fabric and it should be able to hold shape whilst pregnant and still fall back into a smaller size post pregnancy.  

Designer pregnancy clothes

Chunky Cardigan

  • Choose one that is unstructured and can be wrapped around you for comfort.  

Loose fitting A-line dress

  • Nice and tight fitting when Pregnant, and loose bt flattering before and after

Yoga pants

  • Especially look for ones with a fold over waistband.  This can be pulled up over your belly when you feel like cradling it.

Wrap Dress

  • Elegant and classy, and can fit your baby bump beneath the bust cross over. Look for midi length dresses as they’ll still fit when your bumps at its biggest.

I hope this has given you some great pregnancy clothing ideas.