BCBG by Max Azria

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Rather than our usual mummy and baby fashion blogpost today I wanted to have a slightly more grown up conversation.  One of my favourite fashion stores, BCBG by Max Azria has just announced the closure of 120 stores of theres across America.  

BCBG Max Azria

BCBG by Max Azria is a Global women’s fashion house with over 20 different instore brands.  They have stores all across the Globe including Tokyo and Hong Kong as well as London and Paris.  And collections by Max Azria can be found sold in specialty stores as well as major department stores such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

BCBG Catwalk

I always like to buy my favourite designer items from second hand or vintage stores.  And my absolute favourite place to find items at bargain prices is through online classified ad websites.  I’ve found this works great when you’re buying items from designers that tend to have more of traditional or vintage influence in their designs.  This is because a lot of the time it won’t matter anywhere near as much if the item you have bought is out of date.  Unlike a lot of fashion, vintage items and designers who work with more traditional designs will have the same elements running throughout their work independently of whatever season or trend dictates the current catwalk trend.  The same is true for Ralph Lauren.

My favourite BCBD designs.

One of my favourite things about the clothes and designs by BCBG is there wearability and agelessness.  A lot of the clothes designed by Max Azria have a vintage feel to them.  Which, unlike a lot of other brands, doesn’t feel outdated even when you are wearing them.  One of my favourite new pieces from BCBG by Max Azria is the White Lace Blouse from their 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection.  This White Blouse is the ideal combinatuon of both sexy and girly.  The feminine texture and pattern used in the lace contrasts neatly with the sheer nature of lace.  And the Victorian inspired neckline and sleeves add an interesting element and conversation piece.  Although I bought mine instore, I found some great similar secondhand lace blouses available here; https://www.easyprices.com/fashion/bcbg-white-lace-dress-cheap.

BCBG Catwalk

Another of my favourite items from BCBG by Max Azria is my Amber Cascade Strapless Dress I wore as a bridesmaid for my best friends wedding.  I bought the second hand BCBG Amber dress online from a second hand online classified ads store for a bargain price.  Unlike traditional bridesmaids dresses I’ve been able to wear this dress on numerous other occasions.  And always manage to elicit positive responses and compliments.  One of the great things about clothes from the BCBG by Max Azria range is that they are made from such a high quality that they last so well.  The dress is made out of Silk and Tulle and feels as luxurious as it looks on.  


There are so many great designer items available online.  You should definietly have a look through this website to see if there are any great bargains you can find; www.easyprices.com


Thanks for reading today.  If you havent had a chance to please check out my latest blog post on the 2016 Global Denim Awards.