2016 Global Denim Awards

Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam was the stage for the third annual Global Denim Awards. The awards were hosted the Kingpins denim trade show, House of Denim and the recruitment and consultancy firm HTNK Fashion. The event was sponsored by e3 Cotton and held in conjunction with the Kingpins denim trade show.

The Best Collection award went to Anbasja Blanken, a Dutch designer partnering Italian denim producers, ITV Denim. The Best fabric award went to Arvind, an Indian denim producer who put together their collection with Roosmarijn Koster. The 2 winning collections will go on display in at Kingpins Hong Kong and New York shows early next year. The winners were also show their products at the 2017 festival Amsterdam Denim Days, a 6 day event in April,  hosting workshops, seminars, parties and business networking opportunities for all involved in the denim industry.  The event always attracts the highest concentration of brands, denim industry experts and aficionados.

The organizers of Denim Days, Mariett Hoitink, James Veenhoff and Lucel van den Hoeven also created Amsterdam’s House of Denim. House of Denim host a 3 year educational course in Amsterdam, in jeanswear. They also heavily promote the sustainable production of denim worldwide. Sustainability in the denim industry is of extreme importance purely due to the materials global popularity. The obvious large scale advocates in the industry are Levi Strauss, who have for many years invested in sustainability around a greener production as well as caring for garment workers and their families. Levi were the first clothing company to initiate a global manufacturers code of conduct, many years before legally being asked to.